Be the one to stand out in the crowd

Be the one to stand out in the crowd

Invest in Bitcoin today!

Coni Investments is a group of experienced traders who work on Bitcoin exchangers like OKCoin, Bitstamp, BTC-e and others. The members of our team are active and highly educated with years of experience in working on stock market.

Bitcoin is not only a circulating medium but a very trustworthy and profitable source of income. For the last 3 years its price rose for more than 1000% and it continues going up.

That is not a secret that to earn more you should invest more. This is the reason why we involve additional investments. We offer you to deposit any sum you like on any period you wish and gain profit. This is your chance to earn 20% a day with absolutely no efforts. Minimum deposit is just 0.05 BTC!

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No email address, no ID, no tel number is needed. Just your Bitcoin wallet address and nothing more.


We guarantee the profit of 20% per day. You will NOT find any better offer on the market.


Since we do not ask your personal data, be sure that your info won’t be stolen and used in crimes. Moreover, each transaction is transparent and can be checked on Blockchain at any time.

Easy to use

Investing Bitcoins haven’t been easier before. Everything you need is to have a Bitcoin wallet. To make a deposit simply transfer any amount to our wallet and mention the period by adding 0.001 for each day. That’s it!

"We are the group of traders passionate about what we do, providing a great service to people who want to be a part of our team."

Nick PHead of Coni Investments.

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We know our business. Trust us like hundreds of people do.